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I want hire a call girl. Which escort is best?

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I want hire a call girl. Which escort is best?

When you’re looking for a different time to spend than you’re used to and get out of the rut, you probably think of a prostitute and you’re paying for sex.


But you have to be clear about the job of these common sex workers, their main objective is not precisely to make the client feel good, the need of these women leads them to be selfish and always think about the money they will earn, which is probably to cover their alcohol and drug addictions, so your satisfaction is not a priority for them.


But don’t worry, that’s not your best alternative if what you want is to feel good, spoiled, loved and even pampered, and have a more exciting time in your sex life, there is a type of hot girls, they are the so-called individual escorts.


Hiring an escort  or call girls is not easy, there are many ad sites, where you can find information on escort ads, you will notice the great variety of escort girls you can find, these escort sites provide in their escort directory, all the detailed information about their female escorts.


On these escort sites you choose the escorts or call girls, according to the demands you have, but it is good that you know something about the escort girls before making a decision.

What is an escort girl?

It can be said that they are sex workers, but unlike common prostitutes, these are women with high intellectual levels, from well-to-do social strata, they are girls with a very good presence, very attractive, who take care of their bodies, their faces, their hygiene and are very clean to always look resplendent.


These escort girls or call girls do not work on the streets or in bars with a bad reputation like common prostitutes, the escort girls are prepared to provide very high quality services to their clients, and they work in specialized sites with select clientele.


It is not common to see one of these girls render her service to any man, her clients must have high economic status, that is why they earn significant amounts of money.


Below are the types of escort girls or female escorts you can get to evaluate which one is right for what you are looking for.

Types of Escort Girls

  • Hot Girls, these are very young girls or female escorts, usually college girls who are dedicated to the world of pornography, and are used by escort agencies and escort sites to advertise their services, including cyber and phone sex, are very beautiful women who display their attributes in very erotic ways in videos and photographs.


  • VIP Escort, this type of girls, you can say that they are high rank escorts, they are authentic models, they are selected by the escort site and by the escort agency by means of casting for authentic models, their services are very exclusive, reason why their clientele is selected.

All you have to do is go to one of the escort sites that offer them, and you will see in their photographs the very select type of women they are, and as you can imagine the prices of their services are in accordance with their spectacular beauty.

Most of the escorts agency and escort site classify this type of female escorts in Platinum, Gold and Bronze.


  • International Escort, these are very sensual, beautiful women, enviable models that are offered as class escorts in very elegant places, to serve as professional companions in city tours, business visits to major cities, cruises, all with the aim of providing customers with unparalleled moments with services as exquisite as GFE, erotic massage and that will make you vibrate in your escort experience.


  • Elite Escort call girls, are women with very good studies, with profession, of excellent social cultural level, many work in multinationals or companies of reputation, they look for something more than the monotony of their daily lives, look for emotion, excitement and of course, to gain very good sums of money offering their company and their time without limitations nor complications.


The elite escorts have great interest in a sex without ties, healthy, pure sex, with unknown people, they take advantage of the gifts of beauty and physical with which nature has rewarded them.


They travel frequently because their services are in demand by very ostentatious gentlemen, they take flights frequently, so they must always be perfect, dressed elegantly, with manicure and pedicure a day, excellently presented as far as hairdressing and hair removal is concerned, and also with their makeup kit prepared.  These female escorts are in the top of their class.


They stay in the best hotels, go to dinners in more luxurious restaurants, drink the best drinks, they do not have to ask for gifts, because every day they receive them and of the most expensive, they are treated like princesses, are escort of high standing.


  • Independent Escorts, these sex workers are characterized by offering their services without the intervention of an escort agency, they offer their services in their own ad site.


For this type of escort it is more work for them when they must decide the place of the appointment with the client, as well as the aspects related to the payment, she herself must take care of this, that otherwise sometimes brings them inconveniences, nevertheless, as it can be seen in the announcements there is great variety of this type of girls, very sensual and beautiful.


If you are thinking of one of these independent escorts, you should evaluate that this type of girl has not gone through any casting and her experience is only verifiable with the testimony of her ad, this would represent a great disadvantage for you.


With an escort agency you will have the security of counting on a company endorsement at the time of a unwanted disadvantage, a girl of the agency has passed by a casting, where its sexual abilities and its physical dowries have been verified.


The escort agency is in charge of locating the place of the appointment with the girl or female escorts, these organizations have apartments and reservations in specialized and discreet hotels, which guarantees the confidentiality of your adventure.

What services do you find with an escort?

If you are looking for a surprising sex life, the services of an escort are ideal, they are live girls, with whom you can realize the erotic dreams that you never thought you could achieve.


Among the various services you get with these girls or call girls we have


  • They serve as company to any social event, business trip, weekend trips or even in celebrations with your partners or colleagues, guaranteeing you to take a beautiful, intelligent and excellent lady by the arm.


  • You get the nights you dream about as far as sex is concerned, with the good treatment you give to an escort, your chivalry, your respect, your admiration and your attention will achieve what you want to do with it, it is not too much to say that there must be a prior agreement of the scope of service when hiring an escort or call girls.


  • Erotic Massage, you can enjoy a range of massages of this type, these girls are trained to make you see the stars sliding the palms of their hands and the most sensual parts of their bodies throughout the extension of your skin.


  • Webcam services, you can also count these girls to have virtual sex scenes.


  • Telephone sex, the escorts are usually specialists in getting a man to intense orgasms through a telephone line.


  • Tantric sex, this type of sex is a service that will make you look for the girl again, is a sexual practice that goes beyond physical contact, not only includes the body, but comes into play the divine, spiritual, and these girls in this field can take you to experience the most intense and lasting orgasms you’ve ever lived.


  • Stripper, also offer this service for special celebrations, or if you prefer it privately for yourself.


  • Threesomes, this sexual modality so current, is a service that you can request to an escort agency, female escorts or to a site escort.


  • With respect to the type of sex you are going to desire you must be very clear at the time of contracting the service, so that you do not have problems.

Platforms where hiring an escort

  • Euro Girls Escort, this site allows you to find escorts or call girls in any country you want, choosing them by means of filters, from the shape and color of their hair, to the size and round of their buttocks.

It offers a great quantity of girls or female escorts for every country, and presents two modalities for the contracting, incall and outcall, depending on if they go to the place where you are, or if you will be received in the place where the escort attends.


  • Glasgow Escort, offers a wide portfolio of escorts, the city of Glasgow is very fun and has many night spots to enjoy, and Glasgow escorts is one of its main attractions.


  • London escorts, this platform offers girls from a great number of countries, including the famous Glasgow escorts, this site offers a great number of filters so that your search is as objective and selected as possible, even the state of the beautiful pub can be chosen in this place.  When chosing london escorts this is the site for you.


  • Brothels and Escort Agencies, through this site you can make reservations to the escort agency and Brothels, you can choose from the coveted Brazilian escorts to Glasgow escort

Finally the decision is yours, to say which escort or female escorts is the best, it depends on the taste you have for one or another type of girl, also on the budget availability you have for this adventure, this is a very important detail, taking into account that an escort or call girls is not a cheap escort girl.

We have offered you a range of possibilities so that you can select the option that inspires you the most and the one that you can afford.

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