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What Does a Full Service Mean When An Escort Says That?

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What Does a Full Service Mean When An Escort Says That?

Sex workers and the sex industry have existed since ancient times, and it is said that call girls are the women who have made the sex industry, the oldest industry on the planet.


Call girls


The call girls are women who sell their bodies, and generally belong to very low social strata, are mostly women who have been sexually initiated at a very early age, from poor households, and who enter this world looking for an easy way to obtain sustenance for themselves and their families.


Although the vast majority of these girls generally use their earnings as sex workers to support their alcohol and drug addictions, some have been single mothers who do not have the financial support of a husband who is responsible for their upkeep.


These girls work in low-level bars and are often found working on the streets they would not attend a dinner date in most occasions.




In the present times a new modality of sex workers has arisen in the sex industry, more refined and of a greater social stratum than the call girls, they are the escorts, these unlike the call girls, are girls but prepared intellectually, generally are very well taken care of women, with exuberant bodies and are people with whom it is possible to be had conversations of high level on any topic.


Are ladies who by the requirements of the trade to which they have decided to dedicate, take good care of their body, their aesthetics and their beauty in general, are usually university girls, professionals of very good level, and that manage to obtain very high income, and that between the benefits that offer to the clientele this their discretion.


The glasgow escorts are more than sex workers in the sex industry, their job includes being company to social events, business trips, important parties, their work is not limited to a while, but can last all night, weekends and even entire weeks.

When talking about glasgow escorts or call girls, always comes to light the name of Glasgow, and is that this is a city, the largest in Scotland, a place where you get a lot of fun, there are many bars and restaurant of very good level, where the famous escorts glasgow have multiple alternatives to go with their companions.


The glasgow escorts or call girls provide the services that are agreed with potential customers, these services can be hired by websites, or in houses specialized for these purposes.  They can range from providing a girlfriend experience to dinner date.

But, what does a full service mean when an escort says that?

Men are always looking for something exciting in their lives, when they are married they go through moments of monotony that make them look for new sensations, and the world of escorts becomes the lake where they want to dive.


Tourists, big businessmen, sportsmen and generally all the men of excellent economic levels are the potential clients of these girls.


The service of the escorts or call girls is a specialized and very serious service, offered in its majority by agencies that enjoy good reputation in this field, by means of catalogs they offer to their girls.


Literally the phrase full service means a service that covers everything, but really in this field that is not so, the services that the escorts provide are subject to several aspects.

The agencies have packages of services where you can find the outstanding characteristics of the glasgow escorts, such as;


  • Age
  • Hair color
  • Skin color
  • High
  • Eye color
  • Breast size
  • Size of the buttocks
  • Services provided by each of them

A full service escort can include:

  • Company during the time that is hired, this can include attendance to parties, visits to public places like restaurants, movies, museums, business events, etc.
  • Customer dinners or dinner date
    They can pose as a girlfriend, acting in a way that can make their client feel that they are sharing with their real girlfriend, so they square date night.
  • As for sex, the full service can include erotic massage section, with lots of kissing and caressing, vaginal sex, oral sex, but most do not include anal sex. need them.

In the sex industry, everything that can include a complete service depends on the agreement reached when hiring the service, both with the agency and with the glasgow escort.

Dealing with these girls is something that can influence her response to her client, so it should be clear that there are lockdown rules, although they may not be written down, if it is something that has to do with the behavior.

Prepare For Your Date

Although it may seem illogical for the client to have to submit to rules or regulations, this is a way for the client to get the escort completely involved with him.




With this attitude, the client can obtain the most complete service that could have been imagined, one of these girls feeling valued and respected will enjoy the work, as much as the client of her, and will have a very pleasant evening.


  • Be clear about the offer of the ad where the escort is hired, normally in these ads they specify all the information that the client should know about the service that the escort is willing to provide, this will avoid in the date night, initial unpleasant friction when making questions about conditions that are already announced.


  • At these levels it is unethical and unwelcome for a client to ask for discounts or rebates. In this case, if the budget is not sufficient, the client can look for an alternative with another escort of lesser price, this way the client is saved from going through an embarrassing situation, and does not cause the girl any inconvenience.


  • When the contact with the girls is done by the pages of Internet of the agencies, or by means of mobile applications, the client should not make requests of sending pictures neither naked nor daring, the escorts have the option of lockdown rules, this allows them to protect themselves of morbid and inopportune clients.


  • When you go to a date night with an escort, it is essential that you clean yourself properly beforehand, to ensure the cleanliness of the penis and mouth, can guarantee you enjoy a full service by these sex workers.


According to statistics presented by escort agencies, many of them claim lack of genital hygiene in clients, which disturbs the good work they want to do.


in the sex industry escorts are women like any other, their job is a job, and they are women so highly trained, in many cases speak more than two languages, so have a caring attitude with them can be reversed in additional benefits in the service they provide, these services are aimed at gentlemen of a social status and economic solvency that allows them to spend this type, as the prices of an escort are not accessible to people who earn very low wages.


If the client comes to request frequently the services of the same escort, to have details although they are small with her, she will predispose it in his favour, a flower, a chocolate, any gift that is done to him surely will please him.


Without a doubt she will put all her efforts in that the satisfaction of that client is total, and she will be willing to give a complete service, including oral sex and if the circumstances are given and there is pleasure even anal sex.


Among the complete services that the escort can provide to the client is that of GFE, she will provide a girlfriend experience, she will play the client’s girlfriend, and will make him/her feel that he/she really is one of the benefits that can be achieved by following the basic rules of dealing with them.


The complete service that a glasgow escort can provide is subject to the rules of the agency that offers it, these rules vary from one agency to another, but they can have common lines, like pre-established costs, places where the girls are looked for and returned and details of the service that the girl is going to provide.


On the other hand the agreement or contract that the client makes with the escort varies from one girl to another, there are escorts that usually offer in their full service travel, food, GFE, PSE, trios, orgies, vaginal sex, anal, role play, tantric massage, telephone, webcam, domination, fetishism and even sadomasochism, it must be clear that it will include the full service that the client wants, these terms must be well known.


To obtain an escort that provides the complete services that a client this looking for, nowadays is simple, it is enough to look for the multiple pages that exist on the Internet, and according to the criteria of the girl that the client this looking for, using the diverse filters that this type of electronic places put at the disposal of the clientele, will find the alternative adapted to the budget that is had and the expectations that wish to satisfy.

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